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sexta-feira, 7 de novembro de 2008

Oxbow World Longboard Tour finishes Rd 2 in clean surf (

Oxbow WLT San Clemente

Alex Salazar : photo ASP Rowland/Covered Images

Oxbow WLT

ASP World Longboard Tour Event #2
San Onofre, San Diego California
5 - 9 November 2008

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Locals Flare in Round 2 of Oxbow World Longboard Tour at San Onofre State Beach

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 6 November, 2008 : - - San Clemente -- The Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) World Longboard Tour (WLT) kicked off the second day of competition at San Onofre State Beach in one-to-three foot (1 metre) conditions. Today’s action saw local event trialists such as Steve Newton (USA), 23, and Joe Aaron (USA), 17, eliminate some of the ASP WLT’s top performers in Round 2, while fellow San Onofre State Beach local Tom Lloy (USA), 22, compiled the highest heat total of the day.

The Oxbow World Longboard Tour at San Onofre State Beach marks the last of two events held on the ASP WLT, with the series’ top seed taking this year’s prized title of 2008 ASP World Longboard Champion.

Newton, who entered the main event by advancing through two trials heats, issued the upset of the day by defeating ASP WLT No. 5 Carlos Bahia (BRA). The San Clemente local hopes to compete on the ASP WLT next year and feels that the heat victory shows that he can contend with the world’s best.

“I live in San Clemente and this means everything to me,” Newton said. “I want to do the tour next year, if there is a tour in France, so this result means everything to me.” Newton amassed an impressive heat total of 15.25 out of 20 to defeat the Brazilian longboarding star with a combination of smooth turns and classic noseriding.

Josh Constable : photo ASP Morris/Covered Images

“We were actually thinking about holding it off today,” Newton said. “All of a sudden when we were making the call some sets started rolling through and I just got really fortunate with the waves in my heat.” The progressive longboarder knows that he has a tough road ahead, as he will continue to face the event’s top seeds due to his entrance into the event as a trialist. Newton will tackle current ratings leader Harley Ingleby in Round 3.

“I’m psyching right now,” Newton said. “I think I’m the lowest seed in the event because I got in as a trialist, so I might have to surf against Harley (Ingleby) in Round 3 and he’s a really good competitor.” Aaron, who was also a local trialist, eliminated Australian Jackson Close (AUS) in a tight heat to advance into Round 3 and was fired up with his result. The young Dana Point native had several long noserides in his heat to claim the win.

“For me, I was stoked to even be in this contest,” Aaron said. “I actually got in through the trials. To get in from the trials and get this far is huge for me. I live about 10 minutes away and I surf here most of the time so I’m happy to be in the event.”

Aaron is one of the youngest surfers in the event and looks at this contest as an opportunity to improve his level of surfing while competing against some of the world’s finest competitive longboarders. “It just pushes me more to be able to surf against guys that are at this level,” Aaron said. “It betters me as a surfer and I’m stoked to be in this event.”

Zack Howard : photo ASP Rowland/Covered Images

Lloy, who is currently rated 17th amongst his fellow ASP WLT competitors, compiled the highest heat total of the day, a 16.00 out of 20, and eliminated Rusty Kealuana (HAW) from the event. “I just kind of waited for the right ones,” Lloy said. “I knew that Rusty (Keaulana) was going to sit outside with priority, so I just wanted to pick a couple off to put the pressure on him and it worked out.”

Lloy used his local knowledge of San Onofre State Beach to dominate the heat over Keaulana and earned a Round 3 berth with the result. “I surf here every day,” Lloy said. “I grew up in Dana Point and I’ve been surfing here my whole life. It really helps knowing when some of the peaks are going to shift over. It’s really good to have that knowledge.”

Tomorrow’s Oxbow World Longboard Tour action will see today’s heat winners tackle the winners from Round 1. Round 3 action is expected to begin tomorrow at 7:30am local time.

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Jonathan Lacher : photo ASP Rowland/Covered Images

Oxbow World Longboard Tour Round 2 Results:
Heat 1: Steve Newton (USA) 15.25 def. Carlos Bahia (BRA) 8.25
Heat 2: Amaro Matos (BRA) 14.00 def. Brendan White (USA) 12.05
Heat 3: Tom Witt (USA) 13.90 def. Danilo Rodrigo (BRA) 11.50
Heat 4: Joe Aaron (USA) 13.75 def. Jackson Close (AUS) 13.30
Heat 5: Jamie Viudes (BRA) 14.00 def. Kai Lenny (HAW) 7.35
Heat 6: Ben Skinner (GBR) 10.20 def. Zack Howard (USA) 9.85
Heat 7: Brad Vetter (USA) 15.15 def. Kai Sallas (HAW) 14.65
Heat 8: Bryce Young (AUS) 11.75 def. Jed Morouse (USA) 8.90
Heat 9: Josh Constable (AUS) 15.00 def. David Kinoshita (JPN) 6.75
Heat 10: Tom Lloy (USA) 16.00 def. Rusty Keaulana (HAW) 12.75
Heat 11: Alex Salazar (BRA) 13.00 def. Eugene Teal (JPN) 8.70
Heat 12: Sam Bleakley (GBR) 13.90 def. Dino Miranda (HAW) 12.10
Heat 13: Josh Baxter (USA) 14.50 def. Alexis Deniel (FRA) 11.70
Heat 14: Cole Robbins (USA) 15.25 def. Anri Nabeshima (JPN) 4.25
Heat 15: Jonathan Lacher (FRA) 12.30 def. Keegan Edwards (HAW) 11.65
Heat 16: Jeremias da Silva (BRA) 9.75 def. Roger Barros (BRA) 9.25

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