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quarta-feira, 14 de julho de 2010

Circuito Regional da Ericeira surf Clube Circuito 2010-1ª Etapa dia 17 e 18 Julho em Ribeira d'Ilhas- Longboard domingo.

Segundo informações junto dos locais da Ericeira, no próximo fim de semana vai realizar-se a 1ª Etapa do Ericeira Surf Clube, ao que se convidam todos os interessados a marcarem presença nessa etapa.

 Visitem a página do Clube:

Campeonato Nacional 1ª Etapa-2 de Agosto no OceanSpirit-Praia de Santa Cruz. 1* 500 €

Pelo segundo ano consecutivo vai-se realizar, no universo de actividades aquáticas - OceanSpirit 2010 - a 1ª etapa do Circuito Nacional de Longboard 2010.

Espera-se a participação de um elevado numero de atletas, que se mostram sedentos por competir este ano.


sexta-feira, 9 de julho de 2010

Começa Sábado (10 de Julho) em Biarrtiz, o evento que serve para coroar a Campeã Mundial da Modalidade em Biarritz-França!

O trailer do evento de França!

Informações do evento via mail ASPWORLDTOUR (Copiado na íntegra):

Roxy ASP Women’s World Longboard Championships (WWLC)
ASP Women’s World Longboard title decider
La Côte des Basques, Biarritz - France
July 10 to 14, 2010

Roxy ASP Women’s World Longboard Championships Kick-off Saturday in France

(From left to right) Coline Menard (REU), reigning ASP Women’s World Longboard Champion Jennifer Smith (USA) and Kassia Meador (USA) during the pre-event press conference at La Côte des Basques in Biarritz [Photo credit: Aquashot/ASP]    

LA COTE DES BASQUES, Biarritz - France (Frida, July 9, 2010) – The fifth edition of the Roxy ASP Women’s World Longboard Championships will start tomorrow Saturday, July 10, at the world famous venue of La Côte des Basques in Biarritz. Returning to the cradle of French surfing, the world’s best thirty-two women longboarders are set for a 7.30 AM check-in and a guaranteed start after that.

“We are very excited about the good surf forecast for Day 1 of the waiting period,” contest director Philippe Malvaux said. “We are looking at a full day of competition in four to five foot clean waves and good weather on top of that. A great set-up to kick-off an ASP World title campaign.”

One and only competition to decide the prestigious title, the Roxy Jam’s unique format will see the world’s best competitors take to the water in sixteen one-on-one battles in front of the usual thousands French summer crowds of Biarritz.

“We’re back with a 32-woman format meaning pressure and intensity right from the beginning of the contest,” continued Malvaux. “Round 1 will witness the elimination of sixteen girls and it ads quite a bit of pressure but also of spectacle to the performances on offer.”

Giving a unique opportunity to women’s surfing through a division that focuses on style, grace, maneuvers and wave selection, the Roxy ASP Women’s World Longboard Championships is set for another exciting and attractive contest. Having witnessed the constant improvement of all athletes involved, reigning and two-time ASP Women’s World Longboard Champion Jennifer Smith (California, USA) will have to start strong from Day 1.

“Anyone is a threat and the level has once again got better this year on tour,” Smith said. “Biarritz has been good to me and I am definitely focused on the title. It’s great to be back in France and it looks like the waves are going to be pretty good for the kick-off. I can’t wait to get out there and start things off well.”

With the last three crowns having gone to North America (2007 and 2009 for Californian Smith, 2008 for Hawaiian Monahan), the pack of French and European athletes is also ready to battle it out and grab the ASP Women’s World Longboard Champion cup, last year’s runner-up Coline Menard (REU) leading the charge.

“After making the final last year when I wasn’t really expecting it, it’s obvious I am hungry for a win this next week,” Menard said. “But the level is really getting better and It is going to be a tough run to make it but I am definitely ready. I trained a lot this winter in Mexico, Australia, and the experience from last year is a good thing to have.”

With a scheduled start at 8 AM at La Cote des Basques, all athletes and staff will be on site from 7.30 to assess conditions and make the final call for the kick-off of the 2010 edition.

All news, photos and videos highlights available at

segunda-feira, 5 de julho de 2010

3ª etapa do Circuito Inter-sócios 2010 de Surf, Bodyboard e Longboard nos dias 10 e 11 de Julho , na Praia da Costa de Lavos- Figueira da Foz

Associação Surf Figueira Foz A A.S.F.F. vai realizar a 3ª etapa do Circuito Inter-sócios 2010 de Surf, Bodyboard e Longboard nos dias 10 e 11 de Julho , na Praia da Costa de Lavos.

A inscrição e o respectivo pagamento poderão ser efectuados até às 9h.30m. de Sábado dia 10 de Julho, no local da prova, através do email da Associação de Surf da Figuei...ra da Foz,, ou, para o telemóvel 910.577.505, a inscrição só é válida após o seu pagamento. Atenção: as quotas relativas ao ano 2010 devem estar regularizadas.

A inscrição é gratuita para sócios com as quotas em dia e 12.50 EUR para Não-Sócios.

3.ª Etapa - 10 e 11 de Julho
4.ª Etapa - 14 e 15 de Agosto
5.ª Etapa - 11 e 12 de Dezembro

Dados para inscrição:

Nome Completo:
Data de Nascimento:
Código Postal:
Contacto Telefónico:
Categoria (Surf, Bodyboard ou Longboard):

A ASFF agradece às entidades pelo apoio prestado:

Camara Municipal da Figueira da Foz, Figueira Grande Turismo, Junta de Freguesia de Buarcos, Bombeiros Voluntários da Figueira da Foz, Ericeira Surf Shop, Ekena Bay, Vidigal Wines, Janga Revolt, RPF, Restaurante Casa Mota , Restaurante Pérola do Oceano , Cervejaria Petisqueira Pérola , Escola de Surf da Figueira da Foz, Creatiff.

Mundial de Longboard está preparado para elejer a Campeã Mundial da Modalidade em Biarritz-França!

Fonte da Notícia: ASP EUROPE

2010 Roxy Jam to Host ASP Women's World Longboard Championships from July 10

LA COTE DES BASQUES, Biarritz/France (Saturday, July 3, 2010) - The 2010 edition of the Roxy Jam will once again host the prestigious Roxy ASP Women's World Longboard Championships (WWLC) from July 10 to 14, gathering an international 32-woman field ready to battle for the undisputed ASP Women's World Longboard title.

Staged at the world famous spot of La Cote des Basques on the South West coast of France for the fourth consecutive year, the Roxy Jam will witness the battle of the world's best female longboarders in quality longboard-adapted waves, La Cote des Basques offering long sand banks and great potential to display both classical and progressive committed longboard surfing.

Coming to France as a favorite for the third year in a row, reigning ASP Women's World Longboard Champion Jennifer Smith (California, USA), 23, has confirmed her presence and will aim at a historical third title in four events, the Californian talented athlete coming from a win in 2007, an equal 3rd place in 2008 and a second world title last year.

"Having two titles is amazing and I wouldn't mind having another one," Smith said. "I am definitely going to put my best into the competition. I've had a great year of traveling and free surfing since the 2009 Roxy Jam. Competitively I've made a few finals and won two contests [and] I'm feeling good about my surfing and looking forward to the Roxy Jam."

Biarritz, the cradle of surfing in France when a few overseas' surfers brought the sport to La Cote des Basques back in the Fifties, is ready for another 5-day waiting period where both competition and a variety of concerts will once again make the Roxy Jam an exciting, intense and attractive event.

With the ASP World title in sight, Smith will have an advantage over the rest of the international field. Focused, used to the place and the atmosphere of the Roxy Jam as well, Smith knows what it takes to claim the prestigious crown.

"I certainly feel comfortable paddling out at the Cote des Basques," Smith said. The waves are usually pretty fun for longboarding and its pretty similar to the surf I get at home [but] Anyone I draw in a heat will be a threat."

With local threats and former ASP Women's World longboard No. 2 ranked athletes Justine Dupont (Lacanau, FRA) and Coline Menard (REU) respectively in 2007 and 2009, the expected thousands of crowds will witness another week of battle with their favorites aiming at bringing the title to Europe and France, what would be a premiere for ASP European Women's longboarding.

All news, photos and videos highlights available at


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