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segunda-feira, 1 de março de 2010

Tony Silvagni Wins Ocean Beach PLA Pro

Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) North America

Ocean Beach PLA Pro
ASP LQS 2-Star (Men’s)
Ocean Beach PLA Pro presented by Gidget
ASP LQS 2-Star (Women’s)
San Diego, California, United States of America
February 28, 2010

Tony Silvagni Wins Ocean Beach PLA Pro

SAN DIEGO, California (Sunday, February 28, 2010) – The Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) Longboard Qualifying Series (LQS) 2-Star Ocean Beach PLA Pro saw Tony Silvagni (Kure Beach, NC), 23, clinch the event win by navigating through wild 10 to 12 foot (3-4 metre) surf at San Diego’s Ocean Beach Pier.

The four women’s finalists of the Ocean Beach PLA Pro presented by Gidget opted not to surf and evenly divide the ratings points and prize money due to the day’s brutal conditions.

The Ocean Beach PLA Pro represents the first of six events on the 2010 ASP North America LQS calendar and Silvagni’s win today establishes the young East Coaster as the early season frontrunner.

Silvagni not only had to battle the victory at seas conditions throughout his marathon day of competition, but also topped some of the globe’s finest competitive longboarding talent including three-time ASP World Longboard Champion Colin McPhillips (San Clemente, CA), 34, and French standout Remi Arauzo (FRA), en route to clinching his inaugural ASP LQS victory by combining critical rail-to-rail surfing and classic noseriding.

“I’ve made so many finals and it feels amazing to finally win an ASP LQS event,” Silvagni said. “It’s always been my goal to start the year out on top and it’s great to finally accomplish my goals.”

Silvagni, who will be competing in his sophomore year on the ASP World Longboard Tour (WLT), was thrilled to clinch the season opening regional ASP LQS event and hopes to utilize the 2010 American series to sharpen his competitive skills before combating the world’s top competitive talent searching for the crown of ASP World Longboard Champion.

“This is a great kickoff to my year for the WLT,” Silvagni said. “It really gives me confidence going up against the world’s best. Now I’m off to Hawaii to spend time with my girlfriend and will be surfing a lot more.”

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Ocean Beach PLA Pro Final:
1-Tony Silvagni (USA) 13.17
2- Zack Howard (USA) 11.57
3- Remi Arauzo (FRA) 9.43
4- Colin McPhillips (USA) 4.34

Ocean Beach PLA Pro Semifinals Results:
Heat 1: Tony Silvagni (USA) 17.17, Zack Howard (USA) 10.94, Kai Sallas (USA) 10.60, Josh Baxter (USA) 9.47
Heat 2: Colin McPhillips (USA) 9.80, Remi Arauzo (USA) 8.23, Scott Brandenburg (USA) 8.17, Steve Newton (USA) 3.27

Ocean Beach PLA Pro Quarterfinals Results:
Heat 1: Tony Silvagni (USA) 12.77, Zack Howard (USA) 11.76, Brett Robbins (USA) 6.50, David Arganda (USA) 5.00
Heat 2: Kai Sallas (HAW) 15.33, Josh Baxter (USA) 12.60, Noah Shimabukuro (USA) 8.60, Blaine Lewis (USA) 8.50
Heat 3: Colin McPhillips (USA) 17.67, Steve Newton (USA) 12.43, Ty Roach (USA) 8.56, Tim Reda (USA) 2.63
Heat 4: Remi Arauzo (FRA) 12.23, Scott Brandenburg (USA) 8.20, Cole Robbins (USA) 7.97, Eli Gillis (USA) 7.03

Ocean Beach PLA Pro Round of 32 Results:
Heat 1: Zack Howard (USA) 15.83, David Arganda (USA) 10.57, Troy Mothershead (USA), Dennis Bourg (USA) 4.80
Heat 2: Tony Silvagni (USA) 15.44, Brett Robbins (USA) 6.74, Mike Gilliard (USA) 5.87, Seth Bowman (USA) 5.63
Heat 3: Noah Shimabukuro (USA) 10.40, Josh Baxter (USA) 9.77, Joe Aaron (USA) 6.57, Corey Hartwyk (USA) 5.83
Heat 4: Kai Sallas (HAW) 14.50, Blaine Lewis (USA) 6.87, Eric Marin (USA) 6.00, Mike Stidham (USA) 5.63
Heat 5: Colin McPhillips (USA) 9.17, Tim Reda (USA) 4.03, Cameron Fullmer (USA) 3.50, Jerry Swearingen (USA) ns
Heat 6: Steve Newton (USA) 15.67, Ty Roach (USA) 5.57, Cody Ulrich (USA) 4.83, Brendan White (USA) 1.07
Heat 7: Remi Arauzo (USA) 14.97, Scott Brandenburg (USA) 10.60, Terry Gillard (USA) 8.24, Bucky Barrer (USA) 2.50
Heat 8: Cole Robbins (USA) 6.90, Eli Gillis (USA) 6.50, Josh Rapozo (USA) n/s, Matt Elias-Calles (USA) n/s

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